Sunday, May 1, 2011

Most useful Run Commands WinXP

Here the most important commands on Windows

To enter the RUN command go to the start
Then go to RUN and type the following commands:

(Regedit) to open the screen versions can RegistryFix
(Msconfig) tool to help them as possible and turn off any program either windows starts
(Calc) to open the calculator
(Command) to open the window stomping
(Scandisk) or (scandskw) Monday and one, of course, their name and job Pine
(Taskman) to view all tasks (the taskbar) and control
(Defrag) the defragment
(Help) F1 too
(Temp) to reach the net temporary files
(Dxdiag) to find out all the specifications and all your information about him
(Cdplayer) to run the program CD Player
(Progman) to open the a Manager
(Tuneup) to run the Maintenance Wizard for the device
(Debug) to know what type of graphics card
(Hwinfo / ui) and information about your examination, shortcomings and report thereon
(Sysedit) to open (the System Configuration Editor)
(Packager) to review the program to change icons
(Cleanmgr) to run the cleaning program
(Msiexec) information on the rights of the program and the company
(Imgstart) for the operation of the cylinder and windows
(Sfc) to return the dll files if needed levied
(Icwscrpt) to copy the dll files
(Recent) to open the recent files your review of the files were opened by the user as well as
(Mobsync) to open the program is very important to download & browsed the net and later outside the net
(Tips.txt) file in which the most important secrets of windows
(Drwatson) to open the program Dr. Watson to do a thorough check on your computer
(Mkcompat) to change the properties of programs
(Cliconfg) to assist in the network
(Ftp) to open the File Transfer Protocol
(Telnet) and continued this originally for Unix as well as after they had entered on the windows because communication and network services

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