Monday, April 4, 2011

Instantbird Free Instant Messaging

Instantbird is a free multi-chat client where you can talk to all your friends and relatives from a single software. It supports Yahoo, MSN, Google, AIM and Facebook so you don’t have to depend on any other chat client when you have Instantbird installed in your PC. It’s designed with simplicity and stability to make the users feel comfortable. And, there is nothing annoying stuff like ads in this free instant messaging client so there is nothing that will distract your conversations.

Instantbird is a simple chat client but if you don’t like simplicity, you can try the Add-ons of Instantbird to personalize this free chat client in the way you want. Go to Instantbird’s official website and take a look around to find your preferred Add-ons. You will find Emoticons, Plugins, Protocols, Security, Dictionaries and Language Packs, Themes and Usability Add-ons in the Add-ons gallery
Instantbird is available for download in Instantbird’s official website. It’s only 7.6MB in size so you will be able to start using this free chat client in just a couple of minutes. The user-interface is quite friendly and simple so you are going to love the chatting experience. Moreover, there is no ad like other free chat clients to distract you so it’s really hard not to like this free multi-chat software.

Features of Instantbird:
 Talk to All Your Friends: Instantbird supports Yahoo, MSN, Google, AIM and Facebook so you can talk to all your friends from one software. Once you have installed Instantbird on your PC, you don’t have to depend on any other chatting clients.

 Conversations in Tabs: You don’t have to see conversations windows popping up here and there as all the conversations are nicely organized in tabs in Instantbird. This tab system is really easy to use and you can drag them to turn them into a new window anytime you want.

 Customizable Conversations: If you don’t like the simplicity of Instantbird, you can try other message themes as there are more than hundreds available. It’s really easy to personalize Instantbird in the way you want. Make your chat colorful and enjoyable

Free Online Email Scheduling Service

LetterMeLater is a free online email scheduling service that allows the user to schedule emails. The user can decide the date and time at which the mail is to be sent to the recipient, and even choose to send recurring emails. You can choose the email address from which email should be sent, and LetterMeLater will send email from that address at your scheduled time.

Emails have become extremely important to communication , be it for the formal purposes or the informal ones. But one feature that almost all mailing facilities lack is allowing the user to decide the time / Schedule the delivery of the message. This free web-based email scheduling tool is a service that allows the user to send emails at the time he/she wants. There might be certain occasions when the user wants the mail to be delivered only at some point in time in the future. Scheduling mail delivery is not available in the conventional mailing facilities and this free email scheduling service incorporates just that.
This free email scheduling service can be used by signing up on the official website of LetterMelater. The user need not create a new mail ID to use the service. The mail can be sent from the mail ID of the user’s choice and the delivery time is decided by the user. The emails get delivered on the exact date and time, down to the minute. So birthday wishes, anniversary wish mails, formal messages with an appropriate timing can all be sent using this automated mail delivery facility.

Some of the Other Remarkable Features of LetterMeLater Include:

Mail attachments, just as in conventional mail.

Using user programs to send emails at a later time.

Create HTML mails to add a rich effect to the ever plain emails.

Options to send recurring emails.

Importing contacts , creating mailing lists of recipients.

Sending the mail to CC (Carbon copy) and BCC (Blind carbon copy) recipients.

Options to send scheduled alarm/ Reminder type messages to the cell phones.

No advertisements are sent with the mail.

Managing and editing the mails before delivery is possible.

All these features make LetterMelater, a one of a kind mailing facility to schedule emails for a later point in time.

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Installer Maker: RedShift

RedShift is a simple software installer maker that you can use to quickly make an installer. You just need to provide splash image, license text, path of files, and path of exe file, and RedShift will create a single executable file that you can distribute.
RedShift is pretty basic in nature, and useful when you want to create a simple installer for your exe file. So, instead of distributing the files separately, you can package them in this neat installer.

Interface of RedShift installation system is quite intuitive. You can provide name of your application, name of company, welcome text, splash image, icon, and paths of various files. Then click on “Run Installer”, and it will create a self-contained executable file that can be distributed as an installer for your software.
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BluffTitler DX9 (New Version Released)

BluffTitler is an effects program for creating 3D text animations, plasma effects and 3D picture/video wipes. The result can be played in realtime by the BluffTitler player or exported to picture and video formats for use in your videos, presentations, websites and VJ performances.

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