Thursday, December 30, 2010

Simple Grooveshark Downloader to get Free English / Hindi MP3 Songs Download

Groovedown is simple Download tool for; Just enter the name of song / Artist / Album and press enter to start download. What more, you can get Popular Songs list from Grooveshark from Tools.
So, you get free download of Legal songs (correct me if I am wrong) right from Grooveshark Library. Please note that it may violate TOS of Grooveshark so use it at your own risk.
And yes, it works on Windows, Linux and Mac too. No more options to tweak and portable so no need to install.

New Yahoo Messenger 11 Beta Released

Yahoo Messenger 11 Beta is now available for download with new social features allowing users to not only chat but share, connect, and play with friends and family. The new version aims to bring new social features like Social Games with ability to share/update your status, post comments and chat across Facebook right from Yahoo Messenger.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Windows 7 Folder Background Changer

Windows 7 Folder Background Changer is a free tiny portable tool that allows you to change any folder’s background & text color in Windows 7/Vista.

How to use:

Run the tool as administrator. If you have run this tool for the first time then it will restart Explorer. 

Click on Browse and browse for the folder of which you want to change the background/text color.

Click on Change Background Image and browse for the image that you want to set as the background of the folder.

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Monday, December 27, 2010

Windows XP Genuine Activation New Version Released........

Windows XP is one of the operating systems developed by Microsoft corporation for personal computers, which include home PC, business desktops, laptops, etc...
The name "XP" stands for experience. The 2 major editions of Windows XP are Home Edition, designed for home users, and Professional Edition, designed for business and power-users. Windows XP Tablet PC Edition was specially-designed for notebook/laptop computers called tablet PCs. Windows XP Starter Edition is a lower-cost edition of Windows XP available in Thailand, Turkey, Malaysia, Indonesia, Russia, India, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Mexico, Ecuador, Uruguay and Venezuela.
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Combofix Removes Malware,Spyware,.......Virus

Combo fix is a freeware (a legitimate spyware remover created by Aamir Noori), Combo fix was designed to scan a computer for known malware, spyware (Surf Sidekick, QooLogic, and Look2Me as well as any other combination of the mentioned spyware applications) and remove them.
Combo Fix allows the manual removal of spyware infections . It 's a specialized effective cleaning tool, which is useful compared to other malware and spyware removers.
After Combo fix finished,a report will be created. You can use this report to search and remove infections which are not automatically removed. 
How to use combo fix
  • Disable or Close all anti-spyware, anti-malware antivirus real-time protection, which may affect ComboFix.
  • (Download) the latest official version of Combo Fix (2.8mb) save to you desktop
  • Close all programs of you computer
  • Double click Combo Fix.exe on you desktop
  • When Combo fix finished, it will create logs for you. 

99 Names of Allah For Mobile Phones

Read, Search and Listen the 99 names of Allah (أسماء الله الحسنى - Asma’ Allah al-Husná) in English and Arabic in your Mobile Phone Now. Meaning of every name of Allah with a reference of each name in Quran. Full and fast Search in the names and Meanings.
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ZumoDrive Cloud Storage and File Synchronization Service......

Zumo Drive provides 1 GB free storage with option of paid-upgrades for more space, the service is currently in private beta and requires a invite code to signup, we have been provided with 200 exclusive beta invites codes for our blog readers, so hurry while they last
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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Behnevis for Microsoft Word

پس از ماه‌ها کار بر روی نگارش مستقل بهنویس، نسخهٔ نهایی‌ (غیر  بتا) برنامهٔ Behnevis for MS Word، که بدون اتصال به اینترنت کلمات را به فارسی تبدیل می‌کند، آماده شده است:
برخی‌ از قابلیت‌های این برنامه:
۱. تبدیل متن فارسی‌ با حروف لاتین بدون اتصال به اینترنت
۲. تبدیل سریع (آنی‌) پس از نگارش کلمه و فشردن کلید Space
۳. اجرا در محیط مایکروسافت ورد و در اختیار گذاشتن تمامی‌ امکانات این برنامه (قالب بندی، صفحه بندی، ذخیره...)
۴. ارسال ایمیل فارسی توسط Outlook
۵. تغییر تبدیل کلمات و حفظ این تغییرات برای هر کاربر
۶. نگارش با خط نستعلیق (خطاطی)
هنگام خرید نرم افزار Behnevis for MS Word تعداد بیست (۲۰) عدد جواز اضافی با کدی که تنها از داخل ایران قابل استفاده است برای شما ارسال میشود. با ارسال این کد برای دوستان و آشنایان خود در ایران میتوانید استفادهٔ آنها را از نگارش نامحدود این برنامه مهیا سازید.

YouTubeGet v4 Registration code: Download and Convert YouTube Videos

YouTubeGet is an all in one software designed to make quick and easy work to download videos from YouTube and convert them. Offering a multitude of methods to acquire the video.
This application has all the power you need while still remaining small and easy to use. After downloading videos it will auto convert FLV files to MP4, 3GP, AVI, WMV, MOV etc. Soon, you can view YouTube videos on your MP4 or mobile phone.
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Read and View all Facebook Wallposts Updates News in NewsPaper Format

I use Facebook not  just to connect with friends but also to read news and updates from various sources. However I sometimes get annoyed due to ads, irrelevant spam links, small font size and various other irrelevant wall updates.

Like me if you love your news and want to read it in peace like you read your daily news paper PostPost will help you out with that.
PostPost is a web service that will access your Facebook wall and scan your all the news links, photographs, videos and then present the collected data in form of a daily news paper. The generated newspaper reading  page is in 16:9 format and organized well to make your reading easy.
All you need to do is visit Post Post homepage and connect to it via your Facebook account. That is all, it will take 30 to 40 seconds to generate your page to make your news reading more fun.
The user interface automatically realign themselves after any changes made. Users can also play videos and comment on post using PostPost.  Using the provided filter you can filter between news link, videos and photographs
Currently the service is  supported only for Chrome, Safari, IE and Firefox 3x. So go ahead and read what is relevant in a News Papar like format.