Wednesday, May 18, 2011

☺CX☺ 10GB Free Online Backup and Online Storage

CX is a free cloud storage service using which the user can upload files onto a cloud and access them from anywhere in the world. This not only minimizes the storage space required on the personal computer, but also serves as an excellent way to store the important files , so that they can be accessed and shared with friends anywhere in the world. This free cloud storage service comes with a lot of features, that make it robust and user-friendly.

This free online storage service does not require any installation and the user just has to have an account in the website CX service comes with attractive pricing for the paid versions, using which the user is entitled to have a higher storage space. The free version of the service provides as much as 10 GB of free online storage which the user can use to store all the valuable information a user has.
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 Some of the Impressive Features of CX are
Unlimited security: The user is guaranteed unmatched data security. Industry grade security standards are employed to make sure that the data stored in the cloud servers is safe. So now the user need not worry about hard-disk crashes, disk failures etc., All the files stored using this free cloud storage service are safer and secure than ever.Seamless syncing: CX service offers seamless synchronization with the servers. The user can effortlessly sync multiple devices to work with the servers. The user can store and maintain the files, documents, photos , etc., all at one secure place and still be able to access them from anywhere. The user can also save time by refraining from using cables, docks , flash drives etc., for backing up. And thanks to CX the user no longer needs to mail things to himself with attachments. Syncing devices was never this easy. Automatic synchronization feature makes it possible for the user to store edited copies of files as soon as the changes are made to them.Sharing: Sharing becomes easier than ever using CX. The user can share his files, Photos and documents with friends, relatives, and colleagues with a single click of a button. The user can create and connect with group clouds. When more than one is editing a file, this free online storage service takes care of communicating about the changes that are made. The user will know the author of every change made to the file.
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  1. These impressive features are like dropbox's that's old, optimized and reliable software, I don't think I would change my mind and get rid of dropbox to install cx, if will be no extraordinary features in it.

    Adrian from Handy Backup Team,

  2. From absalon upload you get 5GB of free online storage space, from this system you are able to make and send files to folders, and swich files between them. You are also able to link files to files. this system also allows you to search all files and order them as you wanted. You are also given the option to customize the system as you wish so you get the layout you want.

  3. Dropbox is great. IIRC they use Amazon S3. It is not a backup solution stringent by definition and if you accidentally delete something from the Dropbox folder you delete the server as well. Dropbox is still one of the best applicaions sync there.

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