Thursday, February 24, 2011

Create Curriculum Vitae(CV) Online for Free and as easy as Reading

pdfCV is a online tool which create curriculum vitae online for free in few simple steps. Login using Facebook / LinkedIn / Twitter or Google account > Submit info > Select Template and done!

Information submission part can also be automated if you offer pdfCV access to LinkedIn account. Your Education and Work information can be fetched from Facebook and LinkedIn.

You don’t have to deal with any Word Editor like thing but whole process is like going through Wizard or filling up Profile information on Social Network.

After filling up all details, select CV template and download it in PDF format. Easy, isn’t it? Even the motto of this site says “Creating a Curriculum Vitae online should be as easy as reading it.

Though, the number of Templates is just 2 but they are Standard ones and I hope there will be more coming soon as Site is launched recently.

So, no more asking for CV Formats, Resumé Samples to your friends when you yourself can create curriculum vitae online.
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