Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Microsoft Gif Animator to create Gif Animations

Microsoft Gif Animator is a simple software and is quite intuitive to use. To create a gif animation, simply insert images for each of the frames.You can find the “Insert” button on the toolbar at the top.You can also rearrange the image sequence by clicking the up and down arrows! You can adjust the image width and height on the “Image” tab and also specify the final animated gif’s width and height on the “Animation” tab!
Gif Animator
You can have as many frames as the number of images you want to combine into an animated gif!
Animated Gif
Microsoft gif animator is also useful to open any any existing animated gif and extract all the image frames within the tool! You can then reseqence or enhance them and build your own animated gif!
The trick to making a cool animated gif is to click two or more successive photo shots, when the target object is in motion.You can then combine them all into one good animated gif, with microsoft gif animator!
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