Sunday, December 26, 2010

Read and View all Facebook Wallposts Updates News in NewsPaper Format

I use Facebook not  just to connect with friends but also to read news and updates from various sources. However I sometimes get annoyed due to ads, irrelevant spam links, small font size and various other irrelevant wall updates.

Like me if you love your news and want to read it in peace like you read your daily news paper PostPost will help you out with that.
PostPost is a web service that will access your Facebook wall and scan your all the news links, photographs, videos and then present the collected data in form of a daily news paper. The generated newspaper reading  page is in 16:9 format and organized well to make your reading easy.
All you need to do is visit Post Post homepage and connect to it via your Facebook account. That is all, it will take 30 to 40 seconds to generate your page to make your news reading more fun.
The user interface automatically realign themselves after any changes made. Users can also play videos and comment on post using PostPost.  Using the provided filter you can filter between news link, videos and photographs
Currently the service is  supported only for Chrome, Safari, IE and Firefox 3x. So go ahead and read what is relevant in a News Papar like format.


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